A new Game of Thrones® is coming!

A new Game of Thrones® is coming!

On february, Microgaming has announced plans to unveil a new Game of Thrones® branded online slot later in 2020, six years after the launch of the first Game of Thrones branded slot game by Microgaming.

Marked for release later this year, the videoslot Game of Thrones™ Power Stacks™ will feature some of the leading characters from the HBO® series, all of them ready to lead players on a new quest for rewards through the world of Westeros.

Game of Thrones is one of the most popular entertainment brands in the world. This fantastic TV series has netted multiple award nominations and wins, including 160 Primetime Emmy® Award nominations with 59 wins, and seven Golden Globe Award nominations (with one win).

Now fans of the Game of Thrones series can look forward to a whole new journey, as the latest title is set to join Microgaming’s award-winning portfolio of branded content. Tap here for a list of the best Microgaming Casinos.


Game of Thrones™ Power Stacks™

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Bitcoin Online Casinos

Bitcoin Online Casinos

Do you play casino games online? If so, the online casino at bitStarz is a great choice. Everything from security to speed is on offer with this casino, and you can choose the trading mode and currency that’s right for you. This article will explain more about the advantages of playing on this site.


Bitcoin driving in Vegas

Security is a given

When playing bitcoin casino games online, it’s important to make sure that you stay safe and secure as you hand over significant sums of cash. bitStarz offers a variety of security features designed to help you stay safe. It has, for example, been authorised and has received a gaming license issued in Curaçao. And what’s more, players can be reassured that in the event they have a question or a problem they can contact the support centre at bitStarz which is available via various methods including live chat, callback requests, email and more.

The site has already received certification by the website Casino Bonus Center, and the team there has confirmed that bitStarz uses best practices across the sector. In some ways, the use of crypto can be safer than the use of fiat currencies in any case. That’s because cryptocurrencies work via a decentralised ledger which can’t be centrally controlled – which means that the risk of crime can be lower. As well as bitcoin, you can also play here with BitcoinCash and Litecoin. If you prefer to use fiat currencies, however, you can do so with ease – and currencies such as US dollars and euros are accepted here.

Remain anonymous

Sometimes, gambling is not something you want to do in public – especially if you’re new to doing it, and you just want to get a feel and learn the ropes. But using bitStarz for your online gambling needs means that anonymity is easy and simple to come by. The main reason for this is that you don’t need to leave the comfort of your own home in order to play bitStarz’s games. But it’s also because bitStarz offers crypto gambling, which means you can benefit from the anonymity offered by the decentralised ledger.

Speedy cashout

For those gamblers who want to make sure they can access their winnings quickly and easily, however, the bitStarz fast cashout function is designed to make that happen. There are no withdrawal limits in place when using bitStarz, and it’s also possible to cash out your winnings as soon as they happen. It only takes an average time of ten minutes, meanwhile, to process the cashout request – so you’ll have the cash in your account before you know it.

Not only is every cashout fast, but you’ve also got an opportunity or two to enhance your winnings with an extra few spins. On Wednesdays, for example, you can get 20 free spins if you make a deposit of just 5 mBTC!

With so many reasons to play bitStarz, why not sign up today and get started? Remember: you’ve got to be in it to win it. Visit bitStarz now!

Online Casinos: The Importance of Rules and Regulations

Online Casinos: The Importance of Rules and Regulations

Whoever coined the term “there’s nothing new under the sun” clearly didn’t understand the trend of emerging industries. When a new idea hits the market, or an old idea finds a way to expand, chaos ensues. That chaos gives way, ever so slowly, to tighter controls with more foresight until it becomes old hat.

So it goes with the way the internet started and has slowly been shaped by rules and regulations worldwide. Within that growing body of regulation are terms dealing with legalizing online gambling.

Why is it important to regulate gambling? Since the Middle Ages this question has been answered two-fold: to protect the public engaging in it, and to help the crown get its share.

How do regulations and legalization impact and help you? Read on to learn more.


Online casinos regulations


Difficulties of Legalizing Online Gambling

Every industry has growing pains as it finds its footing in markets. That and while it figures out the best way to play safe and get along with other businesses and governments. 

Part of this struggle is in facing the difference between what is a grey area of unregulated unknowns and what is outright illegal. As a global industry, online casinos still have physical presence and offices in some countries. Businesses also have a responsibility to offer safe services that aren’t intentionally harmful to their customers. 

What countries allow gambling to be hosted and which ones allow players to participate is another layer to the issue. 

Finally, there’s the issue of taxes and the gains to countries to allow and host gambling for economic benefit. Coupled with this is the downside of lax regulations. Namely, the possibility of crimes being perpetrated through the business or by unscrupulous agents on customers. 

Unregulated vs Illegal

Accepting regulations is much like accepting any other responsibility, it generates trust. Any industry that asks for money needs to offer some guarantee that the customer is getting something out of the exchange.

Time to set definitions. Illegal activities are those that are expressly against the letter and spirit of a legal body. Unregulated activities are those that are not expressly illegal but have no positive language supporting them. 

Take the film, comics, and video game industries. Each of these created a set of self-imposed regulations in regards to rating and appropriate content. They did this because having that regulation forced on them would be bad for business.

The same holds for online gambling. Creating the language that becomes the regulation that becomes the law gives the industry the ability to carve out public trust that doesn’t overreach or miss the point.

Posting accurate odds of winning at any given casino game is gambling 101. Any industry unwilling to tell you how likely you are to win could be said to be hiding something. Language on how a payout takes place, in what currency, and from what legal entity (what bank, at what time, etc) all need to exist.

Know Your Country

Different countries have different laws regarding the jurisdiction of players and the games that they accommodate.

This legislation can also include language surrounding betting limits and pool sizes. The purpose of something like the UK Gaming Act of 2005, is to lay out what is permissible and separate it from known pitfalls. It’s also to create language that allows the country to collect taxes on the money passing, albeit digitally, though its shores.

Countries such as the United States restrict gambling to specific locations and tie their online gaming to physical locations. France, on the other hand, allows country-wide gaming but is ring-fenced, only players in France may play in France and cannot reach outside.

In other countries, gambling from within the borders to outside nations is permissible but advertising is not. If someone in Spain knows about a casino, they can play there. The casino cannot advertise inside Spain unless it is a Spanish company.

These rules exist to keep the taxes within the countries that deal with the players. These regulations also seek to curtail excesses and money filtering out of the nation in unknown ways. Countries can’t budget their GNI if half their money is being funnelled to Antigua. 

Who Benefits

Players and countries alike benefit from regulation. However, the big winners are the gaming companies.

Paying taxes on profits cuts into those profits, sure, but taking down and restructuring shop every few months also costs. The legitimacy of a business protects that business from being attacked by civil and governmental lawsuits. 

The bulk of regulations exist to protect the business by explaining what is offered and how that offering exists. This deals with legal issues of fairness and also marketing. IN most locations, gambling is legal only to those of a certain age. 

Confirming age requires a level of confirming identities. Gathering personally-identifying information without well-spelt out legal language is a non-starter.

The money coming in also needs to be counted and accounted for. It’s bad business to guess at how much money has come through the doors. They need exact measures for purposes of ensuring odds, paying taxes, and covering outstanding expenses.

The Ends of the Means

In the current digital age, companies are also keen to avoid allowing themselves to be co-opted by misanthropes and bad-actors. Any company that is found to be laundering money for a criminal organization, or worse, acting as a go-between for terrorist organizations, is a business in trouble.

Gambling has long been seen as a social ill because it lures those with less to risk more. Keeping above board with everything else also helps online casinos to state clearly why they have cut off or excluded a player.

Finally, when a legal complaint arrives regulations protect the gambling establishment from being unduly searched and criminalized without due process. Much like the games of chance themselves, the players and the dealers are protected when the rules are known by all parties. 

There’s More!

There’s always more to learn in the ever-changing process of legalizing online gambling. New countries are trying to launch their own sites and old ones look to expand territory. Regulations will continue to shape internal policy and guide external legality.

Play safe by sticking with online sites and casinos that adhere to regulations such as those on our featured list

When is the best time to play online casino games? | By the BitStarz team

When is the best time to play online casino games? | By the BitStarz team


Today we want to bring to you an interesting article posted by our friends at BitStarz. This article was originally published on the Bitstarz Blog on June 5, 2019 and we copied it in its entirety because we consider it interesting and useful for our visitors. Enjoy it!

When is the best time to play online casino games? | BitStarz Team

Originally posted on June 5, 2019 by Bitstarz Team

Timing, as the saying goes, is everything. Inventions, movements, certain cryptocurrency whitepapers… even the best ideas wouldn’t have worked if the timing wasn’t right. The same goes for making the most in your online casino endeavors. Of course, there is a huge element of randomness, but playing at the right time can increase your odds of winning and shield you if you lose.

So, when is the right time to play at an online casino? Let’s look at some of the theories.

Play when the Jackpot is Big

The belief that a slot could be ready to pay out is, or should be if the casino is fair, a falsity – your likelihood of hitting the jackpot combination at a time when the pool is low is the same as if it was in the millions. This leads to an easy decision – seeing as the odds are the same, only play jackpots that have high values. This isn’t because the slot is more likely to release it, but because you get more value for your money if you do win.

Play within your budget

Make sure you only play at online casinos with money you don’t mind losing. Your experience is going to be far more enjoyable if you treat it like any other hobby and dedicate a certain amount of time and money to it. This will reduce the pressure on you needing to win, and playing with less pressure will make the experience more fun, and might also lead to you increasing your risk and therefore your potential to win big.

Play when you are emotionally positive

If you are going through a tough time at work or home, or any kind of stressful situations that are negatively impairing your mood, don’t use online slots as an escape – one bad result could lead to you making some rash decisions. Also, don’t let a string of negative results impact your mood and therefore your playing. Online slots are robots, they don’t decide to pick on you personally to lose. If you find yourself getting irrationally upset or angry over a string of poor results, it’s time to step away.

Play with a clear head

Make sure that you play online casino games in the same way you would bricks and mortar casino games – free from artificial stimulants. Alcohol, drugs, and even excess caffeine should be avoided if you intend to have a spell on the reels, in order to make sure that your mind is clear, sharp, and focused. You don’t want to miss out on a huge win because you didn’t place your bet right.

Make sure you have a good time!

Online casinos like BitStarz are fun and exciting to play at, and variables such as time of day, recent payouts, crypto vs cash etc. have little to no bearing on your success rate, regardless of any superstitions you might have. But, what does matter is you and the personal timing of your playing.

Playing the games at the wrong time doesn’t mean you will inevitably lose, just as playing at the right time won’t guarantee a win, but in a world of slim odds it makes sense to give yourself the best chance of success as possible.

Record-breaking $2.4 Million win!

Record-breaking $2.4 Million win!

Smashing the BitStarz record, one of their players has won a jaw-dropping €2,201,150 (More than $2.4 Million) spinning the reels of “Azrabah Wishes”

Azrabah Wishes | Brand new game developed by GameART

Straight from the Middle East, Azrabah Wishes has set BitStarz ablaze with unstoppable action. Factor in that Azrabah Wishes isn’t short on riches and you can quickly understand exactly why this game has sky-rocketed to the top of BitStarz “Most Played” list.

In the past week, Azrabah Wishes has been dishing out huge stacks of cash, with one winner making headlines for all the right reasons. Hot on the heels of collecting a mouthwatering €752,450 from a single spin, the same player then went many times better, this time to win €2,201,150. Yes, you read that right the first time, a player has won more than €2.2 Million at BitStarz. This jaw-dropping win shows that with Azrabah Wishes, your dreams really do come true!

Award-winning casino action

When it comes to winning big, we know that every little helps, so bitStarz has gone BIG with their welcome bonus. New players get 20 free spins just for signing up. Then over the next four deposits, players will receive up to $/€ 500 or 5Btc in bonuses and a further 180 free spins. There are no small measures with BitStarz.

No withdrawal limits

No matter how big your win, BitStarz lets you cash it out immediately. Cashouts take ten minutes on average to process, meaning that even record-breaking wins like this arrive in your bank account in a flash.

This $2.4 million payout has got the world talking, but records are there to be broken, so start spinning at BitStarz and you could be the next millionaire!