Two-euro bet wins €6.9 million

Paf player takes jackpot

The man could barely believe his eyes, however much he rubbed them. Slowly the truth began to sink in.

Just a simple two-euro bet. The wheels spin and stop. And that two-euro bet lands the €6.9 million jackpot.

Don’t say it’s just a dream? Please, it can’t be a dream? He could barley sleep all night, not until the early hours of the morning.

When he eventually woke up he could still not quite comprehend what had happened. He opened his computer and logged into his account to see if it was really true.

It was true. It was not just a dream. It was there on his screen. He had actually won €6.9 million.

The Helsinki man, who will soon turn 30, is not the only Paf player have been a the lucky winner recently. Last year a Swedish player landed a €5.3 million jackpot. Our Paf players have therefore won two of the three largest online jackpots in Northern Europe.

And several large Paf jackpots still remain, such as Arabian Nights, which at the time of writing has a jackpot of over €6 million.

We at Paf would again like to congratulate our lucky Mega Fortune jackpot winner.

Well played!