This February the chase is on at CoolCat Casino. While Wile E. Coyote chooses to purchase the seemingly unlimited products offered by ACME Co. to catch (or, in Wile E’s case, to not catch) the ever elusive Road Runner, we are going to put the ACME products to work for you by using them to catch you MORE FREE CASH!

Use any of the ACME products below to start your chase for cash today… Beep Beep! 

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CoolCat Casino has just released several NEW SLOT MACHINES, including what is fast becoming one of our casino favorites, Coyote Cash!

Use the great NO RESTRICTIONS BONUS coupon below to come in and try out this NEW SLOT MACHINE with one of our very best bonuses. If can meet the wagering challenge associated with this bonus, you will WIN AN $8,000 FREE CHIP!

8000 Free Chip Coyote Cash

ACME Coyote Cash Bonus

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