Take part in Spain’s National Lottery’s Special Draws! One in every three players is a winner!

  • Odds of winning a prize are 1 in 3
  • Payment of the prize is carried out immediately in a lump-sum
  • Prizes are tax-free
  • Almost 70% of all tickets issued are awarded prizes

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In this raffle, each full-ticket is divided into 10 separate mini-tickets (decimas). You can either purchase an entire full-ticket consisting of all 10 decimas, or choose to play a number of mini-tickets from either the same full-ticket or from a selection of different full-tickets.

The fractions of tickets and whole tickets are subject to availability at the sales agency. If it is not possible to meet your order, we will contact you in order to determine what course of action should be taken.

We offer you the choice of a fraction of a ticket or a whole ticket. The purchasing process will be just as safe and secure as all of the other services provided by Wintrillions.

Lotería Nacional

€ 84,000,000in prizes

Draw date: 04/02/2012

84 million euros in prizes are waiting for you!