1Live Casino - 100€ Free Welcome Bonus

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  • Not Available in United States
  • Bonus on First Deposit: 50% up to 100€ Free!
  • Guaranteed Bonus on your Second Deposit? No
  • Guaranteed Bonus on your Third Deposit? No
  • Downloadable Software: No
  • Flash Games: Yes
  • Mobile Games: No
  • Live Dealers: Yes
  • Software: Distance Gaming
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Play in a real casino!

The live casino experience found at this website, with live dealers and live tables is delivered from the Fitzwilliam Card Club & Casino in Dublin.

50% cash back in your first week:
This bonus, available to all new players, enables you to try us out with less risk. During your first week of play we will refund 50% (up to a maximum of €100) of any negative result.

1LiveCasino.com allows you to view an actual live game in action via the very latest webcasting technology. All results are determined from a real game played in an actual casino.

  •  Tested and CERTIFIED by CBC
  • Not Available to USA Players

1Live Casino does not accept player registrations from the following locations:

United States of America

Laws regarding gaming vary throughout the world and internet gambling may be unlawful in some jurisdictions. It is the responsibility of players to ensure that they understand and comply fully with any laws or regulations relevant to themselves in their own Country or Jurisdiction.

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1Live Casino reviewed by Casino Bonus Center

Software and Gaming Platform:

1Live Casino offers a wide selection of online casino games developed by Distance Gaming. A download is not required to play at 1Live Casino.

Welcome Bonus:

1Live Casino gives to new players a bonus of 50% up to 100€ on their first deposit. This is not a bad bonus but certainly can be improved. The gaming site also offers other bonuses after the first purchase.

Our experience with 1Live Casino:

1Live Casino was reviewed by us for the first time in 2009. This review was updated 3 years ago on .

Our team has proven the most important aspects to be considered to play for real money at an online casino, such as payouts, support, accredited software, reliability, quality of the games and regulatory standards and we can affirm that 1Live Casino meets the industry-best practices. This experience represents an independent third-party endorsement by CasinoBonusCenter.com

Rating: 3.5 out of 5
100€ Welcome Bonus is not bad, but can be better.


1LiveCasino.com is marketed by 1 Gaming Ltd, a UK incorporated company. The owners of 1 Gaming Ltd have a long running track record in online gaming which is constantly leveraged to you, the player, in order to provide the very best of customer service, promotions and gaming experience.

Distance Gamingâ„¢

The 1LiveCasino.com Live Casino utilizes the VueTec Distance Gamingâ„¢ system. VueTec's Distance Gamingâ„¢ allows our customers to participate directly in games being played in a real "land based" casino, using only their home PC and internet connection. Live games are played with an easy-to-use graphical interface, and provide actual video footage of a game as it in progress in the casino.

Play in a real casino

The live casino experience found at this website, with live dealers and live tables is delivered from the Fitzwilliam Card Club & Casino in Dublin.


Several opportunities exist to partner with 1LiveCasino.com. We are seeking partnerships with individuals with the ability to develop their own customer base, development of a segment of a market or the development of their own market. These opportunities come with uncapped rewards and the earning potential for motivated and skilled partners is significant. If you believe that you can be a successful partner then please contact us to discuss.

What is distance gamingâ„¢ ?

Distance Gamingâ„¢ provides casinos with a unique opportunity to extend their existing business into the world of online gaming, offering their patrons a new and exclusive online gaming experience. Whilst most online casinos present artificial games that simulate casino play, Distance Gamingâ„¢ allows patrons to participate directly in games being played in a real casino, using only their home PC and internet connection. Live games are played with an easy-to-use graphical interface, and provide live video of a game as it is in progress in the casino.

Distance Gamingâ„¢ allows a casino patron to participate in games being played live by integrating existing casino tables into the Distance Gamingâ„¢ system. A suite of sensors, cameras, displays and a game controller are added to a gaming table to allow the progress of a game to be monitored by the casino's central Distance Gamingâ„¢ server. The server communicates with each individual game controller in the casino to monitor the state of each game in progress. This information is combined with the action of each internet patron to provide each patron with a seamless experience of participating in the game of their choice.

Games are presented to patrons through the familiar environment of their preferred web browser. All the Distance Gamingâ„¢ software is written in Javaâ„¢, providing maximum compatibility across differing end-user systems. If not already installed, Javaâ„¢ us automattically loaded the first time a patron begins to play. Once downloaded, the software is stored on the patron's PC for future use. No manual installation of games software or technical expertise is required to begin gaming.

The Distance Gamingâ„¢ system also provides a web interface that makes the management of a casino's online gaming presence simple and secure. Patrons have easy access to their gaming accounts, and can deposit funds both online, or at the casino cash desk. The operation of the system, including verification of accounts, the presentation of available games and game guides as well as the tracking and management of financial details are all presented to authorised casino management staff. Obviously, security is of paramount importance for any online gaming system that sends sensitive information across the internet. All communications between a casino's Distance Gamingâ„¢ server and a patron's PC are protected using industry standard SSL encryption, rendering tampering and interception impossible. Additionally, the information exchanged between the Distance Gamingâ„¢ server and a patron's PC is structured so that malicious tampering with the software running on a patron's PC cannot provide financial advantage, or affect game outcomes.

In addition to the benefits of presenting live in-casino games to patrons, the Distance Gamingâ„¢ system provides a casino with a new, automatic method to collect a variety of statistics from gaming tables.

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